Friday, July 30, 2010

with Love from Molly

dawn you must have felt me thinking about you yesterday
i went to golden bridge and bought two pieces of bread
very thin slices 1 apple 1 pumpkin
and it was over 8 $

and the apple was hard and inedible its still sitting in my car
and the pumpkin
didnt taste like pumpkin
just sugar
it was so disappointing

i was thinking about how wonderful the bread you make is
and its healthy and delicious
and interesting

and they should just hire you to be the bread momma
and everyone would come in and buy your love breads
and i hate golden bridge now
its a sham
all that chanting
and they cant even make decent bread
what a hoax

sorry your site is down today
the server located in atlanta is down
and i dont even have access to my email
im mad as a wet hen
but what can you do
atlanta is so far away

how much does a big house in portland cost these days?
i used to live in the basement of a big house in portland
it was 200 dollars
that was back in the day

im glad you have a new love
is he the taurus?


Friday, July 9, 2010