Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Dawn,

Last year I saw some floral hot pants/shorts of yours on Bona Drag (made from the floral fabric your current bridesmaids dress is from I think..) and I totally fell in love. I bought a pair, and unfortunately had my money returned as the owner had made a mistake with her stock and actually had none of your shorts left.

I was heart broken.

However I see that you're currently selling hot pants shorts things again. I also see that you have this floral fabric at hand.

Is it in any way possible that you would be able to make some of the hot pants in that floral fabric like last years one? If you were willing to do this, I would not only pay the appropriate amount, but perhaps send you a small hand made surprise in the mail - maybe the entire contents of the top drawer of my desk; or maybe a small cross-stitched panel. You'll never know... but summer in Australia is coming, I'm scared about the heat, and I'm scared I won't have hot pants.

Let me kno what you think.

Take care,

Roya x

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